Strawberry Season (2005)
Moment, Second, Minute (2005),
60cmx180cm, thread, tulle, vinyl
lettering, stitching, pins

When I found a photo of myself as a child, cradling a lamb, on one of the visits to my grandparents, it triggered a memory of my mother's poignant story of the pet lamb she had on a farm. In "Strawberry season" series I explored love and loss, trust and betrayal, based on the universal symbolism of a "sacrificial lamb". Bilingual words/statements (English and Serbian) are a reflection of my belonging to two cultures.
​Moment, Second, Minute (detail)
Moment, Second, Minute (detail)
​Moment, Second, Minute (detail)
Strawberry Season with Lamb
(2005), 60cmx100cm, screen-print
on interfacing, thread, stitching,
​vinyl lettering, pins
Strawberry Season with a Cotton
Ball (2005), 60cmx60cm, 
screen-print,thread, pins