…”A fibre artist, Olujic Dosic uses thread to draw with other fibre-based materials like tulle, cotton, even landscaping fabric. With these gentle, inviting materials she presents simple objects like bowls, hands and spheres pinned directly to the wall so that they appear floating and free. When the viewer approaches these works, however, other materials emerge. Within a cupped pair of hands, garlic peels, in a bowl, open safety pins. These objects are threatening and imply violence and danger. Also embedded in the images are words. Just a hint of a story that suggests more: And Yet, It’s the smallest things or What I wanted to say to you. It’s as if we opened pages into her biography that touches on relationships and time passing and all the trials and joys both bring.”
…”Her artwork is highly personal, dealing with family history, childhood memories and feelings as well as exploring her own present reality. And yet the human condition she investigates and considers exists for us all. The desire to belong, be loved, feel secure and find a role in the world are things we all strive for regardless of where we’ve been and what shape our path has taken.”
Maura Broadhurst, Curator, Latcham Gallery, Stouffville, “Threads”, 2009

…”Inspired by her father’s life journey this body of work is about complexities of human existence, our range of action and emotion, our simultaneous uniqueness and commonality. Thoughts taken from letters; conversations between parent and child; Dosic’s memories and personal observations are highlighted in thread and videos linking past and present; father and daughter…”

Melanie Egan, Curator, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, “8 things about my father”, 2009

..."When I was a child, my father and I used to swim far from the shore and the sea, beautiful Adriatic Sea, would become deep, deep blue. I was never scared of the deep waters. What was there to be scared of ? ..."

Artist's Story, "Darkness at the Edge", Propeller Gallery, Toronto, 2013