Hearts (2016-2019)

My “Heart” series is based on the ubiquitous heart icon, made even more present and universally recognizable by its use in the social media. There is a new language at play, where images, usually very simple and/or simplistic are replacing the complexity of the spoken and written word. The message is fast, efficient and flat. The heart icon is a prime example of this pared down, abbreviated communication but in my work it acquires a number of possible meanings through the use of variety of materials. Some “hearts” are fragile, some strong, some are broken, some mended…By assigning them layers of meaning my intention is to bring back some of the deeper nature of how we relate to each other, reviving what’s true and authentic even in the world that often seems too fast paced to recognize it.

thread, lint, textiles
japanese paper, textiles, thread, pins​

found objects, textiles, thread​