Hands (2005-2012)
Black Hands (2006), 50cmx40cm, thread, tulle, elastic, stapling, stitching, pins
"Hands" is a body of work that continues the exploration of the dualities and complexities of human emotions, with tension between hard and soft materials reflecting the theme of opposites and contradictions.
​Black hands (detail)
Hands With Safety Pins (2006), 50cmx40cm, thread, tulle, safety pins, stitching, pins
Hands With Safety Pins (detail)
Small Red Hands (2008),
​20cmx15cm, thread, tulle, stitching, stapling, pins
Hands With Garlic Shells (2009),
​50cmx40cm, felt, thread, garlic shells, stitching, pins
Hands With 6 Roses (2010),
60cmx60cm, calico, thread, transfer,vinyl lettering, pins
Hands With 9 Strawberries (2010), 60cmx60cm, dryer sheets, gauze, screen-print on interfacing, thread, vinyl lettering, pins
​Red Hands With Butterflies (2012), 50cmx40cm, velveteen, thread, found material, acupuncture needles, pins
Hands with Burrs
(2012), 100cmx70cm,
thread, gauze, burrs, pins
Hands with Badges
(2012), 100cmx70cm
thread, badges, landscaping fabric, velveteen, felt, pins