Bowls (2005-2010)
"Bowls" are envisioned as containers of thoughts, feelings and memories, continuing the exploration of the dance of the opposites.
Strawberry Season (2005), 50cmx65cm
​thread, tulle, stitching, stapling, pins
Strawberry season (detail)
From Now On (2005), 50cmx65cm,
​thread, tulle, vinyl lettering, stitching, pins
Still There, perhaps Forever (2010),
​50cmx65cm, non-woven fabric, tulle, thread, safety pins, stitching, pins
Until What's left (2008), 50cmx65cm
​thread, tulle, stitching, pins
18 Strawberries (2010), 50cmx65cm, thread, tulle, screen-print on interfacing, vinyl lettering, stitching, pins