My name is Gordana Olujic Dosic and I am a visual artust living in Toronto, Canada.

My work is personal, introspective and narrative, with the ongoing themes of the dychotomy of strength and frailty, permanence and ephemerality, trust and betrayal. My practice includes textile techniques like stitching and layering, working with photography and video and using diverse materials, from paper and textiles to metal elements, as well as natural and man-made found materials. Material exploration is a very important part of my process. In recent years I have also been using video as an additional "layer" or when only a "moving image" will do. Words and statements are also very important to me and I often have a title first and the work follows. I like a combination of minimalist approach and emotional impact. There was a time when I thought I'd like to study Psychology.

I was born in Belgrade, Serbia (former Yugoslavia), where I received my B.A.in Textile Art and Design at the Faculty for Applied Arts, University of Arts in 1985. I moved to Toronto in 1988.

Spanning over thirty years, with numerous exhibitions (solo, two-person and group), other professional activities (teaching, artist's talks, international workshops), my work ranges from Art Textiles to Mixed and Multimedia and has so far traveled from Canada to Serbia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania, France, Macedonia, Mexico, Montenegro and the USA.